Effective data management is becoming a key functionality of global organizations. By revealing hidden trends and capturing key insights, Data research and analytics can empower organizations with crucial information against upcoming business obstacles. Data research and analytics is used in a wide range of areas such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance for customer analytics, retail chains for analyzing behavioral patterns of buyers, manufacturing sector for better supply chain management and in pharmaceutical industry to deal with the drug discovery process. The huge talent pool is a success factor for India to become a significant player and it offers a chance to migrate to the higher end of the value chain of knowledge process activities.

The Data research and analytics services that are being outsourced include:

  • Strategic Market research
    This service comprises of tracking and benchmarking of competitors, Strengths/Weaknesses Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analyses, strategy assessments, case studies and product reviews, and marketing intelligence that encompasses tracking and evaluation of markets, companies and industrial events. This service assists sales and marketing organizations across industries in effectively targeting and supporting their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Financial Analytics
    Experienced investigators navigate through financial documents to extract data, compile and create comprehensive models to support the buy-side and the sell-side operations of the clients. Core services include deal profiles, deal comps, indexed graphs, model verification, credit rating verification and analysis, beta tracking, event analysis, DCF/LBO modeling and weekly business manager MIS reports.
  • Business Information Services
    Business Information Service professionals support the needs of clients by providing specific services such as profiles for pitch books, news runs/tracking, ownership/insider holdings, fundamental data such as price-volume charts or graphs, IBES forward estimates, CUSIP identification, ratings, management bios, product overviews and Securities and Exchange Commission filings. This enhances the capabilities of internal Information Centers.

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