It should not take a disaster to compel your business to evaluate its business continuity and response strategy. One should be in place long before disaster strikes.

Are you protected in the event of a major catastrophe? Disaster recovery systems are integral to your businesses’ continuity, productivity and profitability. Without a plan, you will spend the entire time chasing the incident instead of recovering from it. In fact, some industries mandate a business continuity plan to be documented and in-place for compliance purposes.

Even an hour of downtime can result in significant loss of productivity that will negatively impact you business’ revenue. Potential risks need to be addressed so you can fully understand the impact a disaster has on your business. Access can ensure that your system is prepared for any type of disruption, whether it comes in the form of a power outage, natural disaster, fire, security breach, or software virus.

Implementing a backup and disaster recovery plan is an economical way to mitigate risks to your business’ most critical assets, especially when you consider the alternative. We will work with you to assess your current disaster recovery and business continuity plan, identify vulnerabilities, provide solid recommendations for securing your data, and document and put into place a plan that allows your business to respond to disruptions.

Our proven best-practice approach lowers program costs and speeds recovery time in the event of a disaster. Drawing on our expertise and technical knowledge, we will design and implement a plan customized for your business to ensure you have the tools in place to respond to a disaster with as little disruption as possible.

Contact us to discuss how Access can customize a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that meets your specific business’ needs.