More and more people and organizations turn to the Internet for health information with the rapid pace in clinical research activities. Producing health and medical content require much resource like highly trained and specialized professionals in various knowledge-intensive high-skill sectors. Developed economies like the United Kingdom and the United States are facing much shortage of these resources. In this scenario outsourcing is increasingly becoming necessary.

The medical content and services that are being outsourced include:

  • Content classification
    Content classification in wide a range of standards such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, SMD EGII and JPPSG that assist in analysis.
  • Data Cleansing
    This process involves refining and standardizing data files that have been merged from different databases.
  • Attribute Extraction
    In this services attributes such as product name, brand name, trade mark, color and manufacture number are extracted with the help of data libraries, search engines and printed catalogs.
  • Data Enhancement
    Experienced professionals identify valuable data and information that can be used to enhance the efficiency of the client’s sales and marketing, planning, strategy, and other functions. By employing advanced statistical methodologies internal data is categorized and segmented to make it more useful and finally the enriched data is integrated into the client’s current databases or management information systems.
  • Schema Mapping
    This service consists of Mapping of commodity taxonomy changes and Data migration from existing content to different schema versions and handling of schema change requests by the client’s suppliers.
  • Clinical Data Management In this service the data management and biometrics team supports data validation of Phase I-IV clinical trials.

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