Indexing medical records is a vital function within any healthcare facility and needs to be managed diligently with great attention to accuracy and detail. At Access Technologies, we offer high-quality professional indexing services to help you manage patient records and related documents in a systematic and well-organized environment. Our well-designed indexing system helps in the comprehensive management of patients’ medical data, including demographic data, treatment-related information, clinical history, medical reports, health insurance ID, insurance entitlements, health service provider notes and EOBs.

With end-to-end patient information, and corresponding medical records being available at the click of a button, you can stay focused on offering the best care to your patients, while we take on the responsibility of indexing your records.

Our medical records indexing process is effectively managed through the following steps:

Step 1 – Transfer of Documents

The scanned medical records are sent by the hospital or health service provider to our Indexing team.

Step 2 – Accessing Scanned Documents

Our Indexing team accesses the scanned documents using our secure VPN connection

Step 3 – Indexing of Records

The patient records and related documents are received, reviewed and categorized by the indexing team. Members of the team then examine each document, index it into relevant digital records and store them in a client-defined central location.

Step 4 – Quality Control

The indexed records are reviewed by our team of experienced quality control staff for accuracy and consistency.

Our indexing process ensures that you receive the best quality of service and support, making records management and retrieval quick, painless, and highly efficient for all the employees in your organization.

Outsource Indexing of Medical Records to Access Technologies

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