The security of your network should should be a top priority and it demands your attention.

Security breaches and related interruptions in the performance of services or applications can result in significant threats to your organization in the form of lost revenue and critical proprietary information. Access Technologies has a thorough understanding of the sensitivity of our clients’ networks and we employ proven methodologies to assess your network’s security.

By embracing more frequent and comprehensive penetration testing, businesses can prevent and mange security risks and unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information. Using proactive, authorized tests we can evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure and identify any risks posed by specific vulnerabilities or flawed processes.

We can assess your security from two different perspectives:

  • How your data is accessed and security is threatened from outside sources.
  • How your data is accessed and the security of your data is threatened from within your organization.

Access Technologies penetration tests and security audits are designed to help you understand the security requirements of your specific industry, and to design and implement a solution using best practices that encompasses your unique security needs.

We leverage our partnerships with the leading innovators in network security to execute our recommendations and adequately secure your network.

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