Mature software testing services, process efficiency, attention to detail to reduce costs and decrease cycle times

Access Technologies Quality Assurance (QA) and Independent Testing services ensure that applications are rigorously tested using industry-standard testing methods and QA processes. Access Technologies relies on people and processes to build an offshore testing plan for our clients. We follow rigorous testing procedures & standards, and work in a structured environment with compliance with SEI CMM Level 3 standards.

Access Technologies offers a complete range of Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Services by maximizing software application quality, performance and availability while managing the costs and risks for our clients.

  • We have the vision, ability to execute, and stability to be a great testing partner for your organization.
  • We offer a customer-centric onsite-offshore model for delivering independent software QA and Testing Services.
  • We believe in achieving excellence in delivering value to our customers and partners.
  • Our successful track record in executing challenging engagements, proven tools & techniques and a highly process oriented approach speaks volumes of our capabilities.
  • Our philosophy of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction has ensured that we have 100% referenceabilty.
  • We have the best in People, Processes, Infrastructure, Quality, Technology, Security, and Intellectual Property Rights protection policy.


We offer independent QA and Testing Services spanning the entire software release lifecycle. Our QA services help you deliver your software with confidence and compete better in the market. This includes formulating the test plan & test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations.


Access Technologies has successfully completed many engagements spanning a diverse spectrum of technologies, scope and complexity for global clients. Our clients are ISVs developing ERP, CRM, SFA application, e-retailers, healthcare solution providers, insurance, software development, to name a few.

Why Outsource Testing to Access Technologies?

    • Independent testing environment which is objective, impartial & unbiased
    • To leverage on testing best practices available in the industry
    • To promote Quality acceleration within your organization
    • To provide required focus on Testing with greater accountability and traceability
    • To reduce risk and support after project launch
    • To mitigate financial risks and ensure cost containment
    • To improve productivity and turn around time
    • Expertise on range of testing tools

We at Access Technologies believe that Testing Process is the cornerstone of any development strategy; this is why we have honed the QA process by defining various lightweight processes and tools to complement the overall testing solution. Access Technologies Testing methodology can be summarized as

  • Focus on reducing business risks, time to market and increasing quality of product and ROI
  • Adherence to best of breed efficient testing processes
  • Use of innovative test methodologies, tools and technologies
  • Alignment with Key Quality Attributes and Business Goals of customers

We take great pride in offering our unique testing skills as professional testing services to our customers.

Access Technologies has core competencies in the areas of Communication and Multimedia and offers testing services under several niche areas like SIP, IMS, NGIN (Next Generation IN) testing, Mobile testing, VoIP Application testing, etc.

Our quality assurance processes are well documented and follow industry standards making sure that after each gate of testing cycle we can successfully move to the next, while retaining the flexibility of re-doing any stage of the testing.

Access Technologies Testing services cover End to End testing needs under the following horizontal testing needs

  • Integration and System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Performance Testing
  • Feature Testing
  • Fault Tolerance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Negative Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Installation, Configuration, Provisioning Testing
  • Maintainability, Recoverability, Compatibility Testing
  • Conformance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Integration with test tools for reporting and test plan management

For details on various testing domains contact Access Technologies.