You focus on your business, we’ll focus on the technology. We build out visual prototypes to make it easy for you to understand how we’ll code and implement the solution.

Wireframing is a collaborative effort. We work closely with you to minimize the gap between what you want and what we deliver. As we kick off the business requirements gathering, a project manager will sit down with you and your key stakeholders to understand your business and your strategic goals. The next step is our differentiating factor. We prototype so that you sign off on a working model of nothing less than your vision.

Wireframing And Prototyping

As the solution is defined, an Access Technologies project manager will often use an interactive, clickable wireframe to share our understanding of the project and to assist the client to visually understand the flow of information and its implications. This method is advantageous to our clients because they are able to view a working prototype and make suggestions on the final design before the product is delivered.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words.

Many development shops still rely on text documents such as Functional Specifications Documents; however, we have learned from our successes that prototyping is a powerful way to test many of the features of your solution and to identify gaps and improvements that can be made before the application goes into development, minimizing risk and saving both time and money.

Once the wireframe prototype gets your approval, your Access Technologies project manager will then work with experienced design and development teams in order to transfer your goals into a visual reality. Our technologists work in concert to build your application with impeccable speed and organization because we understand that the only assured path to success is the passion to hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.


We know that your idea and your market offering is unique and, thus, our wireframes are unique. We do not have a generic template that we simply tweak for your needs. Every wireframe is custom created and focuses on convincing you that we understand your idea the way you envision it.

Through the use of wireframes, it is easy to understand:

  • Types of information that are being displayed
  • Range of functions that will be built
  • Rules for displaying information
  • The outcome of various scenarios such as “invalid password entered”

When you give our development team the go-ahead on a project, you can be confident that we will build exactly what you want. Our business analyst teams design what are called “High-Fidelity” wireframes. These wireframes incorporate a high level of detail that closely matches the flow of information in the proposed solution minimizing the gap between the pain points and our understanding of them.